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Meeting Date: 11/18/2021 - 5:30 PM
Category: Reports and Communications from the Board Clerk/Chief Officer, Office of Board Governance
Type: Info
Subject: 2. Information and Update on the Development of an Election-district Apportionment Plan for the Election of Members of the Milwaukee Board of School Directors, Pursuant to Wisconsin Statutes, §119.08(1)
Strategic Plan Compatibility Statement:
Goal 3
Effective and Efficient Operations
Policy: Board Rule 2.09 - Legislative Representation
Attachments Update on the Election-District Apportionment Plan
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Update on the Election-District Apportionment Plan.pdf
Background: The Wisconsin Statutes specify the constitution of school board districts as follows:
119.08 Election of board members. (1)(a) The board shall consist of one member elected at-large and 8 members elected from numbered election districts determined by the board. The election districts shall be substantially equal in population and the boundaries of the election districts shall be drawn so as to reflect a balanced representation of citizens in all areas of the city.
(b) Within 60 days after the common council of the city enacts an ordinance determining the boundaries of the aldermanic districts in the city following the federal decennial census under s. 62.08(1), the board shall, by vote of a majority of the membership of the board, adopt an election district apportionment plan for the election of board members which shall be effective until the city enacts a new ordinance under s. 62.08(1) redetermining the aldermanic district boundaries.
The Milwaukee Common Council is set to act on aldermanic redistricting, which starts the Board’s 60-day timeline to act on a plan for redistricting, by the end of the month.

Consistent with the process established with the last redistricting, which took place in 2011, the Office of Board Governance has been in constant communication with the City Clerk’s Office regarding the development of the Board’s redistricting process. Representatives from the City’s Clerk’s Office and the City’s Legislative Reference Bureau, which develops the City’s redistricting process and plans for the election wards and the aldermanic districts, have extended the offer to provide the District again with demographic data, mapping, and technical assistance for the development of the Board’s redistricting plan.

The attached report provides an update on the progress of this work.
Fiscal Impact Statement: Any costs associated with the redistricting process and the plan’s development will be charged to the contingency budget.
Implementation and Assessment Plan The Office of Board Governance also will secure the services of the Milwaukee City Clerk’s Office to assist district staff in developing a plan for apportioning the Board’s election districts.

When the City adopts its aldermanic districts, the Board will be provided with at least one plan no later than the Board’s regular January 2022 meeting; The plan established for developing the Board’s election districts would, at a minimum, increase opportunities for voter participation by having election districts that reflect the existing neighborhoods and communities of interest.

Public hearings will be held both while the apportionment plan is being developed and after the plan has been prepared.

The Office of Board Governance will work with the Board’s president to ensure that all board members return their input in a timely manner and the scheduling of meetings.
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Jill Kawala-(COSM) - Assistant Board Clerk
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Jacqueline M. Mann, Ph.D. - Board Clerk/Chief Officer